Effective immediately, Calibers is implementing certain steps as mandated by local directives. The following must be followed by all customers:

1. If you do not have a firearm delivered and ready to be transferred, you are not allowed to enter our office. 

2. If you are sick, especially with a cough, fever and/or flu like symptoms, you will not be allowed to enter even if your firearm has been delivered and is ready to be transferred. 

3. Only the transferee who is completing the firearms transfer form is allowed to enter the office.

4. You will be notified when your firearm has been delivered and is ready to be transferred. Do not come to the office unless you have been notified and arranged a specific transfer time.

5. Your firearm(s) and form will be made ready for you at the scheduled time. Once your form is completed, the NICS background check will be conducted if you do not have a LTC. In this case, there may be a delay in receiving a clearance. If this is the case, you will be asked to leave the office and will be notified when to return after a "proceed" command is given by the NICS examiner.

6. All social distancing guidance (6' distance, etc.) is to be observed at all times.

7. Please know that all areas of transfers will be disinfected after each transfer and made ready for the next transfer.


Gun Transfers  

3 Easy Steps
to Buying Firearms Online

STEP 1: Get a copy of our FFL by clicking the link below.


STEP 2: Order online with any seller, fax or email them a copy of our FFL (or ask them to download it themselves from this website), and have your item shipped to us.

Shipping Address:
Your Name
c/o Calibers
402 E. Shepherd Ave.
Lufkin, Texas 75901
(Phone: 936-634-2550 Ext. 105)

STEP 3: Complete and submit the form below to notify us that you have placed an order and then we'll call you when it comes in.  IMPORTANT NOTE: All firearms that leave Calibers must include a safety locking device.  If one is not provided by you or by the person/company sending you the firearm, then Calibers will provide one for you and an additional $10 will be added on to the stardard transfer fee outlined below.

Your contact information:
Full name as it appears on ID:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Please tell us about the firearm(s)your ordered:
Please provide brief description of firearm purchased (Example - Blaser .308 Rifle):
Please tell us who will be sending the firearm(s):
Provide the name of the seller and where the firearm will be shipped from (Example - John Smith, Tulsa, OK):

Fee Structure for Gun Transfers
Transfer to Active Duty Military or Spouses: $0.01
Transfer to Lufkin Police Department Employees or Law Enforcement Officers of Any Agency: $10
Transfer to Lufkin Fire Department Employees: $10
Transfer to Veterans: $20
Transfer with valid Texas License to Carry: $30 (+$10 each additional firearm on same transaction)
Transfer without valid Texas License to Carry: $40 (+$10 each additional firearm on same transaction)
Safety Lock (if applicable): $10 (All firearms that leave Calibers must include a safety lock.  This fee is only for those who need a lock because it was not provided by the shipper.  You can also bring your own lock.) 
(Payment by Cash or Check Only...sorry, no credit cards.)


Look for this sign when picking up your firearms. 
We are located in downtown Lufkin at 402 East Shepherd Avenue at Homer Street (Fourth St.) between the Lufkin Police Department and Oakley-Metcalf Funeral Home.  Our office sits on a hill in a green colored house that has been converted into an office building.  Please park in driveway and enter through the front door.

If you have questions or comments, please send us a message in the form below or call 936-634-2550 Ext 105.


Full name:
Email address:
Comments or Questions: